What is Reozom?

The #1 Michigan and Florida Flat Rate Fee MLS Broker Established in 2008. Reozom Saves Sellers, For Sale by Owners and Buyers, Thousands on Multiple Listing Services by Providing a Technology Based Platform. With Reozom Homeowners are in control!

  • - List Property on MLS
  • - E-Sign Legal Documents
  • - Listing Maintenance
  • - Showing Assistant/Showing Requests
  • - Offers Platform (currently only available for Michigan residential properties)
  • - Purchase Agreement
  • - Personal Client Care Specialist
  • - Connection Through Out the Whole Process

Who is Reozom?

The Reozom Team consists of Real Estate Professionals, Technologists, Client Care Specialists, and Designers who enjoy innovating the outdated real estate industry. REOZOM was founded on the principle of creating an environment of transparency in an industry otherwise known for operating "behind closed doors". Reozoms’ mission is to make the marketing and purchase of real estate Simple, Fast and Affordable for EVERYONE. It's not just a FSBO, For Sale by Owner site, Reozom is more! Our take on the Flat Rate Fee Model is a Full Transaction Platform for the New Millennium and the Next Generation of Home Owners, Buyers and Sellers.

Why choose Reozom?

Reozom may be new to you but has been a Flat Rate Fee Broker in Michigan since 2008 and expanded into Florida in 2016. Reozom puts the power in the hands of homeowners! Get the same professional marketing as a traditional Realtor, but without that high listing commission. List with Reozom and market your property on your local MLS for a one-time flat fee of $395. The listing and selling of homes is done online and is much faster. Properties listed on Reozom are competitive with a property that lists using a traditional Realtor and is visible to a larger audience than any "free" site can offer. Lengthy negotiations are reduced since there are no third party agents in between. The buyer and seller directly contact each other. Whether the offer is rejected or accepted, the decision is made quickly! We also offer unlimited changes at no additional cost. There is also no expiration on your listing so it will stay up until you are sold but you can also cancel at any time! To save yourself from paying ridiculous fees to real estate agents register now! The Reozom.com Team has SOLD over 345 Million in Real Estate since 2015, saving Sellers over 10 Million in Traditional Agent Commissions! Reozom is the 1 Flat Fee Broker. Team Reozom gives each Seller personal attention and superior customer care. Every listing, every client has support throughout the whole process. Reozom takes pride in our Customer Service.

How does Reozom save you money?

Agents in Michigan and Florida typically charge 3% to list a home for sale. REOZOM charges a flat fee of $395. For every $100K, you as the seller can save a minimum of $3,000 and a maximum of $6,000 if the buyer doesn’t have an agent. The higher the price of the home, the bigger the opportunity to save. Reozom attests that you really don't need a real estate agent. Previous Reozom Clients have proven that. Last year, 30% of Reozom sales were direct, meaning that both the seller and the buyer worked together without a real estate agent involved at all. See? It’s possible AND easy!

How can Reozom afford to charge so little?

Technology. Reozom has taken the time to build a platform that is user-friendly with easy to use tools and continually offering more features. These features are backed up by amazing administrative software that streamlines the process for the Reozom staff! Reozoms’ platform intuitively guides smart, motivated property owners like yourself.

More facts about Reozom:

  • FAST - Listing can be completed in under an hour. Updates and changes are made with-in hours not days.
  • PAPERLESS - Required documents generate from the listing process and are immediately available for E-signature.
  • CONVENIENT - Over 6,500 verified Agents use Reozom resulting in thousands of showings for Sellers.
  • DIRECT - All listings have an online Showing Assistant. Buyers and verified Agents can book showings directly with the Seller.
  • SYNDICATE - Listings Syndicate to Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and hundreds more. For a Full Detailed List go to https://www.listhub.com/publisher-list.html
  • MLS - Multiple List Services directory for Michigan and Florida as per county go to https://www.reozom.com/mls-directory
  • CUSTOMIZED SHOWING PREFERENCES - Sellers set showing preferences to receive email and/or text alerts, automatic showing confirmations for verified agents, etc.

Below are a few of the options:

  • - Receive Text Notifications
  • - Add an Extra Phone Number to receive Text Notifications
  • - Receive notifications via Email
  • - Add an extra email for showing notifications
  • - Show my name to Buyers, Agents, Inspectors and Appraisers
  • - Only Buyers/Agents with Pre-Approval Letter/Proof of funds are allowed to send Showing Requests
  • - Automatically Accept Showing Requests for verified Agents, Inspectors, and Appraisers
  • - Verified Agents, Inspectors, and Appraisers will automatically receive instructions
  • - Create Instructions & Lockbox Code Only verified Agents, Inspectors and Appraisers are allowed to send Showing Requests

We saved sellers
over $10 million since 2015.


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