Trulia Alternatives – Reozom and Other FSBO Listings

Trulia is an online platform that deals with the residential real estate for renters, home buyers, home sellers as well as the United States real estate professionals. Trulia forms one of the best sites in the online real estate business with some more new features hence, making it outstanding. The Trulia platform offers similar services like those of Zillow. Zillow used 43.5 billion to acquire Trulia in 2014. The company arranges properties for rent and sale including data and tools required in the process of home search. Trulia site will help locate your next home. The website presents a new resident info map that is not available anywhere else. The platform serves millions of users across the world who wants to sell or buy their homes within the United States. In addition to this, the company provides new updates on new rentals and houses that are fresh in the market, the price history of the homes as well as information on their affordability. Trulia platform not only serves the real estate sector but also offers the best instrument that conveys all the central statistics about properties. The main features of the platform include:

  • New design and interaction
  • Alerts
  • Rent near transit
  • Map Modes
  • Voice search
  • Instant search
  • Board
  • Custom search

As big as the platform is and successful in serving its users, it will face stagnation as well as a decline in features if it does not face perfect competition. Many online organizations have come up to try challenge Trulia as the leader of the sector. Here are some of the organizations:


The Reozom team involves real estate technologists, professionals, designers, specialists who are always changing the traditional real estate industry using technology. The company’s mission is to make the purchasing and marketing of real estate fast, simple and affordable for all people. The company believes that its flat-rate approach is a complete transaction platform for both the new millennium as well as the next generation of home buyers, owners and sellers. Additionally, the company saves for sale by owner, buyers, and sellers a lot of money on several listing services by offering a platform that is technology based. Reozom is not just a for sale by owner or FSBO site; the company gives more power to the homeowners. The Reozom Homeowners have control over:

  • Listing maintenance
  • List property on MLS
  • E-Sign legal documents
  • Showing requests
  • Purchase agreement
  • Individual client care specialist
  • Connection during the whole process

Some of the facts about Reozom that makes the company stand out are that its listing takes less than an hour to complete them. Changes and updates do not take days but within hours to be done. Besides, the company has more than 4500 agents that are verified to offer several showings for sellers thus, making the company so convenient for its clients. Moreover, the company has invested its time to create a platform that is friendly to its users with tools to use and other features. The company has remarkable administrative software that reorganizes the process for the company staff. Hence, the company’s platform that naturally guides smart and inspired owner forms and its flat-rate model makes it a superb alternative for Trulia.


Redfin is a big online organization that deals with real estate business. The company pursues to restructure the way people purchase homes. Redfin offers various benefits to the market that makes it a perfect alternative to Trulia. The company’s website is set in the same way as that of Trulia which allows clients to search for houses using a map-based tool. The company site enables users to use zip code or city to narrow their search. After this search, the company then presents housing data like home appreciation, home value, and year built, square footage as well as other data that the user might want. Additionally, the site allows users to compare favorite units side-by-side.
In addition to this, the company has some extra features that Trulia and Zillow do not have. Redfin hires real estate agents. The users of Redfin rank these agents and they receive their compensation depending on the correlating rating from the users. The company also rebates back some of the real estate commission back to the purchaser as a means of helping the homebuyers. However, the company does not disclose the real addresses in some cities if the seller decides not to. In such a case, the company cannot display all the information if the listing agent does not want to. In other cities though, the company shows all the necessary information automatically.


Homesnap is an online website that also deals with real estate business. The company has features like intuitive map-based search tool as well as a robust amount of information about properties. Just like Trulia and Zillow, Homesnap’s website is easy to navigate. What makes Homesnap unique is the fact that it has a mobile app. The mobile app allows its users to take a picture of property on sale with their phones and make the app to give all the information about that property. The mobile app not only works for listed properties, but also unlisted apartments, homes, and condos; thus, allowing its users to have the property value of the units. This mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Neighborhood Scout

Neighborhood Scout offers its users with information concerning the neighborhoods in the United States. It only requires the user to search by specific address or city to access the neighborhood information from the company. Once the user has entered the search information, the company will provide typical house values, demographic figures, traffic data, crime rate, local school information and more. Most of this information is free to the users; however, the user will be required to subscribe for a small fee to access more robust data. Trulia or Zillow do not offer such kind of a feature hence, making the Neighborhood Scout a better alternative to any of the companies.

While Trulia is a famous real estate site, other online real estate companies can serve as excellent alternatives. Purchasing a home is one of the significant financial decisions one can make; thus, it is important to gather enough information from various reputable sources.

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