How to Get Your House Ready to Show

More than 90% of buyers go online to look for their new home. As an online real estate platform, Reozom has Michigan’s sellers covered by getting their listings on all of the major sites like the MLS, ZillowTrulia and

One of the biggest letdowns for a buyer is loving a house based on its property photos to then discover that the home looks completely different in person. Awesome property photos and a great showing experience are both necessary for a successful (and fast) sale.

When your home is showing ready, buyers will leave impressed and eager to make an offer.

Think about it, you aren’t going to want to pack up and move all of the knick knacks that have made their way into your home over the years. Be proactive before your house has a showing and pitch anything that would seem annoying to box up.

If you need a little guidance, go pick up a copy of the bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

To help out our sellers get their homes ready to show, Reozom put together a quick checklist for each room. Let the showing prep begin!


  • Remove any magnets or photos on the fridge
  • Clear off the top of the fridge (cereal boxes, wine bottles, canisters, etc.)
  • Store any appliances that are typically left out on the counters (toasters, blenders, coffee makers)
  • Put away cleaning sponges, dish towels, drying racks, etc.
  • Wipe down the sink, all counter tops and the stove
  • Don’t cook fish the day of the showing!


  • Remove all photos and memorabilia that’s sitting out (you want the buyer to see the house as their own, not yours)
  • Put away pet beds or children’s toys
  • Vacuum the room and furniture (especially if you have a dog or cat)
  • Throw away any magazines or newspapers that may have found a home under your coffee table
  • Dust, dust, dust!


  • Confirm that anything stored under the bed is hidden (go get a bed skirt if necessary)
  • Organize the kids’ toys in their bedrooms
  • De-clutter any nightstands of books, newspapers and remotes
  • If there is a desk in the room, file all loose papers and organize office supplies


  • Neatly fold all towels on the towel bars
  • Remove robes/towels that may be hanging on the back of the door
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Make sure the tub area is sparkling and leave shower curtains open
  • Put away toothbrushes, toothpaste or other hygiene products that may typically be left out on the counter


  • Turn on all lighting & lamps
  • Light a candle in each room (pick a warm scent like vanilla)
  • Open the doors to each room so they feel inviting
  • Open curtains and blinds
  • Make sure all beds are made
  • Walk your pup over to the neighbor’s house for a quick visit

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