History of MLS (Multiple Listing Services)?

Chances are you have heard of Multiple Listing Services (MLS) if you made it to this article. If not, when are about to sell your house, you will surely encounter this term. We will try to explain what Listing Services (MLS) is and the benefits of it.

Before the real estate industry was regulated the way it is today and technological advancements took real estate brokers and agents use to gather at their offices and share information about the they had listed for sale or ones they were trying to buy. A lot of properties were sold by through word of mouth and FSBO (For Sale by Owner) ads on local newspapers. As the real professionals developed and brokers were trying to come up with creative ways of selling homes finding homes their clients wanted faster, they agreed to pay each other when they helped sell a In pursuit of protecting their “craft” and helping each other find and sell properties, brokers to start an exclusive service where they could share listings. This lead to the inception of the MLS.

As time went on, MLS turned into MLSs and we now have over 800 MLSs around America. For decades, has made it easier on the agents to find homes but very hard for others to find what they need. A home by owner, without an agent has been extremely hard for decades due to lack of access to by non-agents / brokers. Zillow and Trulia have made it a bit easier although Zillow has just moved being an agent site only. Furthermore, the information on Zillow is not true most of the time which what is supposed to be easier, a lot harder for the buyers and sellers of homes.

This is where MLSs stand today! We know a change is on the way that will shake the residential real industry up; we plan on being a part of that change by making it easier and more affordable to sell homes and properties in America.

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