Easy, Fast, Affordable Real Estate

Daunting, drawn out and dense. If that’s your take on real estate, it’s time for you to meet Reozom.

Our online real estate tech platform streamlines the home buying and selling process, making real estate easy, fast and affordable. In 2015, we saved Michigan homeowners $3 million dollars in their real estate transactions. Simply put, Reozom is changing the way real estate works for good.


Anyone who can fill out a Facebook profile can list a house through Reozom. All you have to do is gather the information about your house (like room dimensions), snap some property photos and register on Reozom. From there you will begin our quick listing process and complete all of the required legal disclosures while doing so.


Listing a house on Reozom takes users around 30 minutes to complete. We then market your listing on all of the major sites that buyers are searching on:
the MLS, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. For a real estate agent to complete the listing process for you, it usually takes 3-7 days… just sayin’.

More than 90% of buyers find their new home online themselves. Reozom puts our seller’s listing exactly where a buyer is looking. Even better, buyers can immediately schedule a showing directly on Reozom, which means no more phone tag with an agent or waiting for an opening in their busy schedule.


Reozom only costs a flat fee of $395 total. Reozom homeowners save thousands of dollars by not having to pay the typical agent commission fee, which is 3-6% of the entire transaction. That’s $18,000 for a $300,000 listing. $18,000!!!

Reozom listings are live until they sell and in the small chance that you’re not loving us, we have a 100% money guarantee. There’s truly nothing to lose by trying out Reozom.

It’s just the beginning.

We have major plans. Reozom will soon give buyers and sellers the ability to communicate and connect like they’ve never been able to before. Here at Reozom, we are obsessed with finding a better way for real estate that will impact homeowners across the nation.

Check us out!

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