Michigan Homes for Sale

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and strenuous times in a person’s life. Whether searching as an individual, a couple or a family, buying a home is a process that requires a lot of patience and due-diligence. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the perfect home. Furthermore, the legal and banking procedures involved in buying a home can be quite daunting. Fortunately, all of this waiting and searching pays off in the end. There is no feeling quite like finding that perfect house that can be called a home.

Michigan Housing Market in 2018

The Michigan housing market saw a decent year in 2017 for both buyers and sellers. This year is predicted to be another solid year for both ends of the market. 2018 is predicted to solve the inventory crisis that Michigan faced last year as more and more homes are being placed on the market. More choices for buyers means a greater chance of finding the perfect home. This availability of homes in Michigan will be balanced with the same quick turn-around that was experienced in 2017. The home flipping trend is alive and well in Michigan with homes only staying on the market for a month average last year.

Finding Homes to Buy in Michigan

For those looking to buy a home in Michigan, there are many different places to begin searching. Local listings are often advertised in newspapers or in stores. Realtors are also a possible option for those willing to pay a commission fee. However, these two methods are greatly limited. Local listings only show a small portion of the available houses and realtors take a commission that could be put towards a nicer home. Fortunately, there is a much easier and effective way to search for a home in Michigan: Reozom.

Reozom is a website that lists homes for sale by owners in Michigan. Reozom is a multiple listings service (MLS) that offers buyers a streamlined and professional portfolio of homes for sale on the market. This is a technology-based platform where buyers don’t have to worry about paying thousands of dollars in commission fees to real estate brokers. Reozom offers buyers a curated and high-quality list of available home in the entire state of Michigan.

How to Use Reozom

Reozom has been designed with the customer in mind. This online platform makes it easy to search, organize and buy properties without the normal hassle of dealing with real estate brokers. Interested buyers looking for a home in Michigan can start by simply visiting the Reozom homepage. After clicking on the ‘Listings’ tab, visitors are met with a list of all homes for sale on the Reozom database. Clients can find homes that match their personal preferences by using the filter options available. Users can input a city, ZIP code or other location identifier to see listings in an area of their choice. Users also have the option to set a minimum and maximum price.

Selecting a Listing

Reozom offers a host of information for all of their listings. First and foremost, there are several, high-quality photos offered for each house in their database. Users will also find all necessary information such as the house and property size, the property type, the annual taxes and more. Reozom also offers a lot of different options for buyers once they find a desired listing. Users can get directions to the listed house for a closer look or even schedule a showing. For those with questions about the home, the seller can also be contacted through the Reozom website. This platform even allows potential buyers to be pre-approved and make offers right from the website.

Why Choose Reozom?

With so many different options for finding a home in Michigan, buyers may be wondering why Reozom is a better option. Even though this website may be new to buyers, it has been involved in the Michigan real estate market since 2008. This platform has helped both sellers and buyers save money. Sellers can list on Reozom by simply paying a flat fee instead of commission. Buyers get the benefit of working directly with sellers instead of with real estate brokers.

How Reozom is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry in Florida

Real estate agent - Realtor

Buying a property is a skill that many people have not mastered. Reliance on real estate agents to guide one has been the prevailing norm among people. Unfortunately, the agents are generally busy trying to get the highest bidder for their properties. This lack of time makes it hard for the interests of a property buyer to be put into consideration. Buying or selling a property in the right manner not only ensures profitability but also great returns on investment. With advances in technology, it is good to embrace the new ideas that are brought into the sector to help people get the most out of their sales and buys.

In Florida, one company that has come to the rescue of people is Reozom. Reozom is an online flat fee broker who provides a platform for buyers and sellers to list and buy properties. The company is dedicated to making the buying and marketing of properties fast and more comfortable for everyone. They use multiple listing services that automate the listing process, making the offers for sale available by owner listing. With hundreds of properties listed on the platform, a buyer can always come to check for new listings and alternative options until one settles for the desired property. Continue reading

Lansing Michigan FAQ

What time is it in Lansing Michigan?

Lansing is on Eastern Daylight Time, which means that it is on the same time schedule as New York City.

What county is Lansing Michigan in?

Lansing is primarily located in Ingham County, Michigan. However, parts of it are also located in Clinton County and Eaton County.

Where is Lansing Michigan?

Lansing Michigan is located in the middle part of the state, which is referred to as both “Central Michigan” and the “Lansing Metropolitan Area.” This area is known for its schools, culture, and industrial operations.

What is the temperature in Lansing Michigan?

The average temperature in Lansing is 48°F. The average annual high temperature is 57°F, and the average annual low temperature is 39°F. The coldest month is January, when the average high is 30°F and the average low is 17°F. The warmest month is July, which has an average high temperature of 82°F and an average low of 61°F.

What is the population of Lansing Michigan?

As of the 2017 census, the estimated population size in Lansing was just under 117,000 residents. The population density is 3,100 people per square mile.

What is the weather in Lansing Michigan?

Lansing has a temperate climate. Its climate is influenced by the Great Lakes, which means that it typically gets above-average snowfall in the winter. Summers in Lansing are warm and humid. Precipitation is generally abundant and consistent year-round.

What time zone is Lansing Michigan?

Lansing is located in the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) time zone.

What is the zip code for Lansing Michigan?

There are 22 zip codes associated with Lansing: 48864, 48901, 48906, 48908, 48909, 48910, 48911, 48912, 48915, 48916, 48917, 48918, 48919, 48922, 48924, 48929, 48930, 48933, 48937, 48951, 48956, and 48980.

How far is Lansing Michigan from Chicago?

The geographical distance between Lansing and Chicago is just over 167 miles. Traveling between the two cities by road covers a distance of 219 miles and takes approximately 3.5 hours.

When did Lansing become the capitol of Michigan?

Lansing officially become the capitol of Michigan in 1847.

Why is Lansing the capitol of Michigan?

Lansing became the state capitol for several reasons. One was to boost the economy in that area of the state. The other was to help defend the state (and country) against British soldiers based in Ontario.

What is there to do in Lansing Michigan?

Fortunately, there is a lot to do in Lansing! Historic attractions, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment are all activities that you can enjoy within Lansing’s borders. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, which makes it easy to stay entertained throughout the year. Numerous art galleries and theaters are located throughout the city, including several on the MSU campus.

As one would expect from a capitol city, there are also a number of historic sites and attractions to visit in Lansing. The State Capitol Building and the Ingham County Courthouse are two prominent historical sites that are worth a visit. Other places to see include Michigan’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial and a sign honoring the home of Malcolm X.

As for nightlife and entertainment, there are dozens of distilleries, wineries, and breweries located within downtown Lansing or just beyond the city’s center. Live music is offered at many of these establishments. In warm weather, wine tours and tastings at the many wineries around Lansing are popular activities. A variety of festivals take place throughout the year, which provide entertainment in the form of everything from concerts to holiday celebrations and seasonal events such as a St. Patrick’s Day parade each year and a light show downtown around the winter holidays. Beer festivals, food and wine tastings, film festivals, and cook-offs are other exciting festivals and events that are on the calendar of things to do in Lansing.

As for dining, the culinary scene in Lansing is quite diverse. Dining out in this versatile city means that you’ll find everything from classic American and Midwestern fare like steak, potatoes, and hamburgers to international cuisine like Thai, Indian, and Japanese. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re bound to find a restaurant that suits your need in a short walking distance. Since this is a Midwestern city with abundant access to dairy products, there are also a number of great ice cream shops serving shakes, sundaes, and ice cream floats of all flavors and varieties.

If your idea of a fun weekend day includes hitting the shops, rest assured there are plenty of quality stores and shops to explore in Lansing. From clothing boutiques to artisan stores selling local homemade goods, there are plenty of fine shopping opportunities to see. Along with the smaller original stores, you will find plenty of large chain stores and national department stores, too. Along with shops downtown, there are several malls in Lansing that are ideal for one-stop shopping. These include the Meridian Mall, the Lansing Mall, and the Eastwood Towne Center. There are also antique shops where you can check out a variety of vintage goods. An outdoor flea market, located in the town center, features several hundred booths with vendors selling collectible items and vintage treasures. During the summertime, you can visit the large outdoor farmer’s market where you can stock up on fresh produce along with homemade baked goods, cheeses, and other artisan products.

Just outside the city, there are plenty of recreational opportunities available with over 30 golf courses nearby as well as picturesque botanical gardens and public parks with walking and hiking trails.

If you are in Lansing for just a short period of time, there are plenty of lodging options available for every budget and lifestyle. The choices range from national and international hotel chains downtown, which offer convenience of access to everything, to small B&Bs and inns.

How far is Lansing Michigan from Detroit?

The geographical distance between Lansing and Detroit is just under 82 miles. When driving by car, the shortest distance between the two cities is 91 miles. It takes about 1.5 hours driving by car to get from one city to the other.

How big is Lansing Michigan?

Lansing covers a total area of 36.68 square miles. It is comprised of over 35 miles of land and less than one square mile of water.

What college is in Lansing Michigan?

The most prominent college in Lansing is Michigan State University. Michigan State University was founded in 1855. It is recognized both nationally and internationally for its prestigious and challenging academic programs. Michigan State University has a total of about 50,000 students. The majority of those (39,000) are undergraduate students, while about 11,000 are graduate-level students. The MSU campus covers about 10,000 acres. The school is a member of the Association of American Universities, which has a total of over 60 member colleges around North America. It is a world-recognized leader for many of its graduate-level programs, which include psychology, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, and psychology. MSU is also part of an athletic division called the “Big Ten Conference.”

Another school in the city is the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, which is accredited by the American Bar Association. Located in downtown Lansing, this school is the largest law school in the United States with a total of 1,285 students. The law school is a private school that was founded in 1971. It has satellite campuses in several surrounding cities. The law school also has a reciprocal program with the Kalamazoo campus at Western Michigan University that allows first-year law school students to take classes at WMU.

A third notable institute of higher education in Lansing is the Lansing Community College. The community college has a student population of about 18,000 on its main campus in Lansing. It also has a satellite campus in Japan that enrolls another 5,000 students. Lansing Community College enrolls both undergraduate and graduate-level students in a variety of programs and courses.

When was Lansing Michigan founded?

Lansing was settled in 1835, but it was not officially incorporated until 1859. The city was first inhabited by two brothers who were passing through on their way from Lansing, New York (hence the city’s name). The brothers purchased and sold land to curious prospective settlers back in New York State. However, they falsely advertised Lansing as a settled city with a downtown center and an economy. Upon arrival, the settlers found that there was no such city. Many left as a result. However, a small group of about 16 inhabitants stayed and declared their new home to be “Lansing.” After Lansing became the capital city, it was divided into three separate villages. They were known as the Lower Village, (which is the oldest of the three), the Upper Village, (which had the first brick hotel in Lansing), and the Middle Village, which was finished in 1848. It is the newest of the three villages. By 1859, the town of Lansing had grown to a population size of about 3,000 people. Its total square area was seven miles. This made it qualify for a city. Therefore, it was re-established as a city later that year.

How much snow does Lansing Michigan get?

In a given year, Lansing averages about 46 inches of snow. This is 20 inches greater than the US national snowfall average. Most snowfall in Lansing occurs during the months of December and January. Snowfall totals are around 13 inches in December and around 14 inches in January. The largest snowstorm on record occurred in 1967 when over two feet of snow fell. Combined with the wind, the largest snow drifts grew to be eight feet high.

Flat Fee MLS Michigan – REOZOM

The truth about real estate, whether you are buying or selling property is the fact that people have to go through a lot of clutter to determine the property which is best suited for them. When selling a property, this could mean the sale process dragging on for longer than anticipated and sometimes, this even leads to spending more on homes that could be worthless. If buying property, this could mean offers falling through and having to wait longer to own a home. MLS systems are quite new to real estate property management, but they hold the promise of making transactions easier for consumers. Here is what is important to know about Flat fee MLS Michigan from Reozom.

How much does it really cost to sell a house?

The cost of selling a house is not as little as many people like to think. First, if hiring a realtor to do it, expect that they will get about 6 percent of the total value of the home in closing costs. What this means is that if the home’s total cost is $600,000, owners should expect that $36,000 will go to the realtor. In addition to this, there will be other closing charges, which could amount to more than 2 percent of the total cost of the property. Finally, is the fact that they may also need to pay the brokers representing the buyer and since 93 percent of people buy through brokers, chances of having to pay one are very high. When homeowners make all these calculations, they realize that in cases where it could be possible, it would be best to get an alternative way to sell property as opposed to getting the realtors, and this is where MLS systems come in. Continue reading

All about SWMRIC

The world of real estate is an exciting one that presents many opportunities to you. Searching for a house is a process that can invite you to explore manifold possibilities and to move into the home of your dreams. However, at the start in particular, you can feel overwhelmed by all of the options. Using resources provided by the Southwestern Michigan Regional Information Center can assist you in your search.

Understanding SWMRIC

Before you access the Southwestern Michigan Regional Information Center, take the time to learn a little bit about the service. When you go to the website, you will see that you have four options. For example, you could find a property or check out open houses. Another option is to get connected with a real estate agent. Finally, you could choose to develop your own website. Now that you know what services are available, learning more about each of them and how they could assist you can encourage you to check out and try out the Southwestern Michigan Regional Information Center for yourself. Continue reading

For Sale by Owner/MLS Listings

Homeowners are beginning to take the sale of their home into their own hands and save a substantial amount of money in the process. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) signs are popping up everywhere because it can save a seller thousands of dollars and some bouts of anxiety too. The truth is that selling your home is not as difficult as it once was a decade ago before homebuyers discovered the Internet and shopped online. Reozom.com reports that in 2016, 44 percent of homeowners shopped online first when buying a home. That is good news for home sellers who want to save money. Continue reading

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Listings in Michigan

Multiple Listing Service Listings in Michigan


In the state of Michigan, there are a number of properties in real estate that are listed for sale. The one source that has the most comprehensive lists of available properties for sale is the multiple listing service. This is a directory that provides a listing of all properties that are currently being sold on the market in Michigan. On the multiple listing service, you will be able to find a number of properties of all types as well as with a variety of certain features. Whether you are a buyer, a seller or a real estate agent or broker, you will get plenty of access to very important information on real estate from the multiple listing service in Michigan and from sites such as Reozom.com. Continue reading

FSBO Listings in Florida


Selling real estate is often a significant activity for homeowners. They will often need to sell their property within a certain timeframe. In most cases, they will often hire a real estate agent or broker to sell their home. While this is a very beneficial option, there are some homeowners who prefer to sell their homes themselves. Whenever a person sells a house themselves, it is known as a For Sale by Owner listing. There are many for sale by owner listings in Florida. In order to make selling a home easier, using the services of a company such as Reozom.com will be very helpful during the process. Working with a company such as Reozom will enable homeowners to save money, show their homes at a time that is most convenient for them and also to get market analytics of their property and comparable ones in the area. Continue reading

MLS Listings in Florida


There are a number of real estate properties for sale in Florida at any given time. For those who are looking to sell a home, they will need to let the public know that their property is available. For those who are looking to buy a property, they will need to find a good place to find all available properties. In order for both parties to achieve their respective objective, they will benefit by using the multiple listing service. This is a directory of all homes that are currently being sold on the market. The best person to help you navigate your options with the multiple listing service is a real estate agent or broker. In the state of Florida, there are a number of quality properties on the multiple listing service. For those looking to sell a property, they will benefit by using companies such as Reozom.com. This company will provide sellers with market analysis, assistance with scheduling showings and also with a general listing of the property to sell. Continue reading

FSBO/For Sale By Owner FAQ

What are For Sale by Owner homes?

A For Sale By Owner or FSBO is a home that is listed for sale without a real estate agent. Most homeowners who choose to do a FSBO do so to save money because there is no real estate agent commission. While commissions can vary, they usually account for 6% of the home’s sales price. This fee is split between the listing agent and buyer’s agent.

Can For Sale by Owner list on MLS?

The MLS or multiple listing service is the foundation of the real estate market. It’s a massive database of home listings with about 700 regional databases. Every regional MLS has its own listings and real estate agents pay dues to access the MLS and post homes. Many websites you will see that list homes for sale actually aggregate home listings through condensed versions of MLS listings. Continue reading

For Sale By Owner Listings in Michigan

Many people who are looking to sell a home will often enlist the services of a real estate agent or broker to complete this task for them. In most cases, realtors make the process easier as they will devote their efforts towards selling the home. While a realtor is very beneficial for many sellers, there are some people who prefer to sell a home by themselves. Whenever a person sells a home independently, they will list their property as a for sale by owner. This has been one of the emerging trends in recent years. Many people in the state of Michigan have looked to sell their homes without the assistance provided by a realtor. When looking to list a home as a for sale by owner, it will be important to consider a number of things. These include the types of homes sold, the price, size, condition and also on how to market the property. By focusing on these things, sellers will be in better position to sell their home in a timely manner as well as educating buyers about the property. Sellers who offer FSBO listings will benefit by using companies such as Reozom.com to help them with the process. Continue reading

Zillow Alternatives – Reozom and Other MLS Providers

If you’re thinking about selling your home, there are a variety of things to consider. For example, is for sale by owner a viable option, or should you enlist the services of a professional realtor. That said, if your goal is to save on realtor fees, listing and selling your home on your own might be a more attractive proposition. But what does this process entail, exactly? This is a common question that many homeowners have, and in this article, we will explore the tenets of selling your home without the aid of a professional realtor.

It should be noted that selling your home on your own does not absolve you from the task of listing and showing your home to prospective buyers; this is still a necessary, and critical, step for selling a home. However, if you have never sold a home, this process may seem daunting. Fortunately, there is a myriad of online services that can help streamline this process for you, Zillow being one most recognizable. Continue reading

Trulia Alternatives – Reozom and Other FSBO Listings

Trulia is an online platform that deals with the residential real estate for renters, home buyers, home sellers as well as the United States real estate professionals. Trulia forms one of the best sites in the online real estate business with some more new features hence, making it outstanding. The Trulia platform offers similar services like those of Zillow. Zillow used 43.5 billion to acquire Trulia in 2014. The company arranges properties for rent and sale including data and tools required in the process of home search. Trulia site will help locate your next home. The website presents a new resident info map that is not available anywhere else. The platform serves millions of users across the world who wants to sell or buy their homes within the United States. In addition to this, the company provides new updates on new rentals and houses that are fresh in the market, the price history of the homes as well as information on their affordability. Trulia platform not only serves the real estate sector but also offers the best instrument that conveys all the central statistics about properties. The main features of the platform include: Continue reading

For Sale By Owner Infographic – Selling your Own Home

FSBO & MLS Listing - Sell your Home - No Realtor

Selling a Home on your Own through Flat Fee MLS/FSBO Listings

I. Why sellers choose flat fee MLS/FSBO listings:

  1. The seller wants more control of the sales process
  2. The seller does not want pressure from a real estate agent demanding that they sell to anyone for any price.
  3. The seller prefers to save money on real estate fees.

II. How to sell your home on your own

  1. Cut out the middleman
  2. Get your property listed on an MLS
  3. Market your Listing

III. Why the popularity of MLS/For sale by owner has grown over the years

  1. According to MLS data, flat fee MLS listings sell faster than full commission listings sold by traditional realtors.
  2. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) users who list on MLS’ using an entry-only MLS listing end up selling their home on average for a higher price per square foot than homes sold by traditional full commission agents
  3. Flat Fee MLS listings allow homeowners who want to list by owner to save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions
  4. 2014 data available for a Massachusetts MLS system showed that 198 single family homes sold in 2014 across Massachusetts that have leveraged the entry only through MLS process (seller lists on the MLS for sale by owner without a realtor) carry an average days on market (DOM) of 89 and the average sales price per square was $213
  5. In contrast, 11,623 single family homes that were sold by traditional real estate agents charging a full commission where the average days on the market was 109, the average sales price per square foot was $205
  6. In 2014, on average, FSBO’s who listed their homes in MLS with an entry-only MLS listing have saved $10,790 in real estate agent commission
  7. In 1981, 22% of home buyers read newspaper ads to find a home and 8% used friends as information source. In 2016, 44% looked for properties online first. In today’s digital age, search for homes is done through apps and online listings to maximize the ability to compare homes on the market according to selected features.



13 tips on how to sell your home without a real estate agent




Real Estate FAQ – Facts and More

Real estate agent - Realtor

Please note: This article is provided for helpful purposes but should not be considered legal advice.


With the exception of a few times in our history, real estate has always been one of the best investments out there. Whether it is a single-family home or a complex, you can’t go wrong with investing in real estate. So, to get involved in this extraordinary market, there are different questions that people who are interested in this market have. And thus, the following includes real estate FAQs and their answers:

Are real estate agents self-employed

Most real estate agents are self-employed. They can set their own schedules even though the hours are often irregular. Other than that, other real estate agents work for companies. When they work for a real estate company, they pretty much have a certain level of freedom in handling their jobs, but they still must abide by the company’s constraints.

Are real estate deposits refundable

It depends. First, it’s vital to read the contract to see the bottom line concerning the refund of the deposit because you may or may not be able to get a refund. Even if the buyer is displeased with the home inspection, he/she can’t get the deposit unless the seller agrees to the deposit refund. The seller can deny the deposit release if he/she feels the buyer didn’t act in good faith in attempting to satisfy the condition whether it is a condo status certificate, financing, or a home inspection.
Continue reading

Trulia FAQ – Real Estate Listings for Home Buyers and Sellers

Buying a new home is always a very big decision. When you’re looking to purchase a new property, using all of the tools at your disposal is very important. One great online tool that can provide you with amazing information and services is Trulia. below are some very common frequently asked questions about Trulia.

Are Trulia and Zillow the Same Company?

Trulia and Zillow are affiliated organizations. Trulia was founded as an independent private organization in 2004. Due to its continued growth and great service that it provides, Trulia was acquired by Zillow in 2014. Today, it is considered an affiliate of the parent company, the Zillow Group.

Are Tulia Estimates Accurate?

Yes, a Trulia Estimate is considered to be very accurate as it is based on a variety of information that is used to determine the value of a property. A wide variety of information is used to come up with a Trulia Estimate for a home including the property’s physical characteristics, property tax information on the home, and nearby sales comps and competing listings. The estimate, however, is limited based on the accuracy of the information provided. If a homeowner does not provide accurate info, it will impact the value estimate.

Continue reading

Realtor FAQ – All About Realtors

Real estate agent - Realtor

Please note: This article is provided for helpful purposes but should not be considered legal advice.

One of the most important decisions you have to make after deciding to buy or sell a home is hiring a realtor to help you through that process, which includes listing the property, advertising it, arranging for open houses, showings, inspections and closing the sale.

Below are some common questions when considering employing an agent:

Are realtors self-employed?

Licensed real estate agents are considered statutory non-employees by the Internal Revenue Service are treated as self-employed when it comes to federal tax purposes as long payments for their services are substantially related to sales or other output versus the number of hours they actually work.

Continue reading

Zillow FAQ

When shopping for a house to buy, there are many different online tools to choose from. One tool that can provide you with a lot of information about homes that are available for sale is Zillow, which an online real estate database that was first established in 2006. Below are several frequently asked questions and answers that will give you more insight into Zillow and how it works.

Are Zillow Zestimates Accurate?

When looking for properties on Zillow, the majority or properties in the database will have a “Zestimate”, which is a real estate estimate provided by the Zillow database. Overall, the Zillow estimates are considered to be fairly accurate as they take into consideration recent sales and other listings for comps in the local market as well as tax records. However, the value accuracy is only as good as the information available. If the information on the home, such as the square footage, number of bathrooms, etc. is wrong, the Zestimate will be less accurate as well. Continue reading

Reozom Bares all

Reozom is all about Transparency. To prove this Team Reozom is “Getting Naked” by showing all the cancellations received in 2015 & 2016 with the Sellers outcome after switching over to a traditional Real Estate Agency. The numbers prove what Reozom has continued to state since 2008. It’s not about getting to the “Next Level” of marketing. It’s only ever about the PRICE! This data is based on an average 3% Listing Agent fee. On a home that sells for $250,000 the Broker Fee is about $15,000; you can avoid this by selling it yourself. (based on 6%) Agents believe they can get you more money through negotiation, leverage of local knowledge, use of marketing tools and ability to qualify buyers. Reozom’s full frontal Real-Time numbers

This data is based on an average 3% Listing Agent fee.

On a home that sells for $250,000 the Broker Fee is about $15,000; you can avoid this by selling it yourself. (based on 6%) Agents believe they can get you more money through negotiation, leverage of local knowledge, use of marketing tools and ability to qualify buyers.

Reozom’s full frontal Real-Time numbers proves them wrong! In 2015 Reozom had 135 total listing Cancellations & 2016 we had 123 Cancellations. Yes, these are pretty big numbers and that is why Team Reozom has researched into why. Agents convince Sellers they are missing the market by being listed through Reozom.com. This proves they are wrong!

Only 59 of those Cancellations listed with a Traditional Agent in 2015 Sold & 45 in 2016 (Many decided to not Sell).

Continue reading

Above and Beyond Real Estate Technology

Reozom Team-03

Reozom identifies as a real estate technology company, but that doesn’t mean our team consists of a bunch of robots! Here at Reozom, we care about our buyers and sellers and we do all that we can to help their real estate transactions be successful ones.

Here are a few ways Reozom goes above and beyond:

1. Top Notch Customer Care Team
Reozom has a dedicated and driven Customer Care team that is available online or by phone to help you with anything you may need. Whether you have a question or want to know more about Reozom, they can give you any answer or assistance.

Reach out to them at support@reozom.com or call (810) 987-1100. They are always happy to help!

2. Social Media Presence & Marketing
Reozom is active on multiple social media channels, which helps grow the pool of potential buyers for our sellers. We post on social media daily and also post every single listing on our Facebook page. Our team knows that our social media audience is mainly Millennials, which is great for our sellers because Millennials make up the majority of buyers on the market.

We have created marketing campaigns that highlight our seller’s listings such as our #ReozomHome of the Week campaign. Every week we feature a Reozom listing and post it on all of our social media channels.

3. Quality Platform and Design
Our awesome and incredibly talented development team works every day to build Reozom into a stronger and better platform. We have put a lot of focus in making the Reozom experience as effortless and intuitive as possible.

Plus, we pay attention to detail. Our development team designed our listing pages to accentuate the property photos and provide simple navigation. An online listing page is often the buyer’s first impression of the home, so having a gorgeous site design was very important to us.

Reozom is a tech company that is ran by a team with a lot of heart. Our team always has our user’s best interest in mind. We are here to make your real estate experience a better one!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates!

3 Real Estate Improvements to Bring in the Buyers


The reality of real estate right now is that buyers want move-in ready homes. The majority of buyers in the market are Millennials and this generation is used to getting exactly what they want when they want it.

Reozom, the online real estate transaction platform, has an online social audience that is mainly Millennials and Gen X-er’s (which is awesome for our sellers!). Because of this, we know what these buyers are looking for.

Basically, if your kitchen or yard is “on fleek”… you will attract a lot of buyers. Current buyers in the market are drawn to surface-level qualities of a home. This is actually a good thing for sellers because most of these improvements are quick fixes that can be done easily and inexpensively.

Here are 3 home improvement ideas that will make any buyer do a double-take:

1. Fresh Paint & New Carpet
There’s nothing closer to pressing the reset button than freshly painted walls and newly carpeted floors. Not only does this add a clean vibe to the house, it is very appealing to buyers. It makes the home feel like a blank canvas for them to make their own.

Even better, this fix can be decently cheap. You can often find great deals on paint and carpeting. If you don’t mind putting in a little work yourself, the project will cost even less!

2. Stainless Steel Appliances
So, it’s not news that buyers LOVE stainless steel appliances. Updated kitchens can make a huge impression for buyers. They really love granite countertops, but if you’re not looking to do a total kitchen overhaul, getting stainless steel appliances will boost the appeal with very little effort on your end.

Stainless steel appliances often go on sale at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot, so keep your eyes peeled!

3. A Landscaped Yard
Curb appeal is still a very real thing. A picture of the house and yard itself is usually the first photo shown on an online listing page. The home’s yard can have a major impact on the buyer’s initial impression of the property (in-person and online). Taking a Sunday to plant some flowers will absolutely be worth it.

If you are thinking of adding some trees or shrubs in the yard, keep in mind that buyers are also looking for little upkeep. Plant trees that don’t require a ton of trimming and maintenance.

All of these quick improvements can help move your home off the market fast!

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3 Ways Reozom’s Technology Solves Real Estate Transaction Pains

3 pains solved-03

When we say “real estate transaction,” you then probably think of all the stresses that come along with it. It usually involves playing waiting games, figuring out confusing paper documents and then having to negotiate the deal.

It’s no wonder that many of us hire a real estate agent to help us out. But that was before the technology of Reozom‘s online real estate transaction platform. Reozom is intuitive, easy to use and best of all, it can save you thousands of dollars on expensive commission fees.

Here are the top 3 perks that Reozom provides for the home buyer and seller, so they no longer have to deal with the pains of real estate.

1. Instant Gratification
A residential property can be listed on Reozom in under an hour. Reozom then blasts it off to be marketed on other major sites like the MLS, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. It could take 3-7 days for you to see a listing live online when going the traditional route.

Buyers can also schedule showings directly on Reozom within seconds. Typically, the buyer will find a listing online that they like and call their real estate agent to tell them they want to see it. The buyer’s agent then has to call the listing agent and then the listing agent needs to call the seller… so on and so forth.

With Reozom, that’s no longer the case. We connect the buyer and seller directly, so showings can be scheduled with a couple clicks.

2. Effortless Paperwork
People are usually pretty intimidated by the “paperwork” that comes along with real estate transactions. When listing a house through Reozom, the seller will complete all of the legal documents while being guided through our simple, online listing process. All of the documents auto-populate and can be signed electronically by the user upon submitting their listing.

As for all of the other paperwork you may be thinking of, that’s mainly completed by your title company. So make sure you find a great title rep that can help you out.

3. Streamlined Negotiation
Negotiating can sometimes be tough, especially if you’re not used to doing it. On Reozom, buyers can submit offers directly to a seller through our platform. Sellers can then decline, counter or accept the offer without ever having to pick up the phone.

Once the offer is accepted, a Purchase Agreement automatically generates so you can email it to your mortgage and title reps. It’s as close to effortless as you can get.

Reozom‘s purpose is to leverage technology so real estate is easier, faster and more affordable for YOU. Learn more about us by following our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Top 3 Perks of Homeownership

top3 perks

Did you know that June is National Homeowner’s Month?

If you are a first-time homebuyer, you may not be aware of all of the benefits that come with owning a home. Reozom‘s online real estate tech platform makes the buying and selling of a home easier than ever.

Make sure to head on over to our platform and start shopping after reading these homeownership perks.

1. Owning a home is a smarter investment.
Owning a home means you are investing your money in your own future versus investing in a landlord’s. Over time, your home will most likely appreciate. This means that you will make money when it comes time to sell. Often times, the money made from selling your starter home will give you a nice down payment for your move-up home.

Plus, owning a home is actually cheaper than paying rent. A Pulseconomics report determined that paying median rent costs about 30% of an individual’s income. The median home payment costs about 15% of an individual’s income.

2. Homeownership gives you tax benefits.
A lot of people don’t realize that being a homeowner actually gives you a few tax breaks. You can deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage (within limits) as well as interest on other home related loans such as home equity and home improvement.

Learn about other tax breaks related to homeownership here.

3. Having a home gives you freedom.
When you own your home, you can do whatever you want with it. You can completely tech it out or get the puppy you’ve always wanted. Plus, you can paint and decorate exactly as you please.

Having the ability to live freely and create a custom living environment actually winds up being many homeowner’s favorite part of having a house.

These are only a few of the perks that go along with owning a home. Begin your home search on Reozom.com today!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Now

home value growth 300-03

If you’ve been playing around with the idea of selling your home, we’re here to tell you, “Do it!”

Here at Reozom, which is an online real estate transaction platform, we have been watching listings flying off the market. Here’s why you should list today:

1. Inventory is low.
Michigan is still a Seller’s Market, which means that conditions are favorable for the seller. There are more buyers than houses, so the seller’s property is in higher demand and is very likely to get what they’re asking for (or in certain cases, even more).

Buyers are looking for finished, move-in ready houses. Today’s buyers live in an on-demand world and they want the same for the house they are about to buy. Make sure to keep that in mind to increase the success on your sale!

2. Opportunity is high.
In Southeast Michigan, homeowners have more jobs, money and equity in their homes than they’ve had in 10 years. Homeowners who have felt financially trapped in their homes (due to the housing crash) are now finally free to move.

The opportunity for having a better job and making more money is only increasing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the Detroit area has been outpacing the national average at 2.2%.

3. Mortgage rates – yep, they’re still low.
Buyers are on the prowl because mortgage rates are still below 4%. If you are a homeowner wanting to sell, it’s the perfect time to put in an offer on your move-up home, too. You will get the most for your current home and then be able to lock in a mortgage for your new home for much less.

It’s a win-win all around for everyone. So, we suggest making the bold move and selling.

Here at Reozom, we have made the entire real estate transaction easier, faster and more affordable than it’s ever been. You’ll be shocked at how simple the selling process is when using our tech platform.

Head on over to our Registration page to get started today!

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“Disruptive” Companies You Can’t Live Without


A “disruptor” is a company that goes against the grain in order to evolve an industry. Our online real estate transaction platform, Reozom, is considered a disruptive company because we shake things up when it comes to the norm in real estate.

By leveraging technology, we are able to save homeowners thousands of dollars in their real estate transaction by eliminating expensive agent commission fees.

Here are other companies that may not realize were once disruptors:

Amazon completely changed the game when it came to online shopping. By offering unbeatable prices, people began browsing on Amazon to buy pretty much anything.

Amazon also upped the ante when it came to one-day shipping or even day-of shipping. Now we even use Amazon to binge watch our favorite shows or arrange for every day household items to arrive right on our porches.

Our guess is that you’re probably reading this on your iPhone, so all you have to do is take a look at what you’re holding to realize why Apple was a disruptor.

Apple’s release of the iPod back in 2001 was a total revelation for the tech world. Think about it, this was back then people were still walking around with portable CD players. Now, we are able to manage our entire lives right from the palm of our hand.

Can you imagine a world where you couldn’t binge watch Walking Dead for hours into the night? Us either. Sorry, Blockbuster.

I think we can all agree that the on-demand streaming of movies and shows that Netflix brought directly to our televisions was either the best thing that ever happened to us (or the very reason for our own demise).

Ikea isn’t such an obvious one, but it absolutely was a disruptor. Ikea gave us the ability to buy cheap furniture and instantly furnish an entire house, if we so desired.

Although, let’s be real, Ikea could still help out by making the dressers just a little bit easier to build.

Two guys that knew nothing about the taxi industry completely transformed the taxi industry after rolling out Uber. Now, even people who live in the suburbs have the luxury of hitching a ride to a concert or the bar.

Not to mention, documenting an Uber ride on Snapchat now provides all of us with some high quality Friday night entertainment.

All of these companies have become a major part of our lifestyles.
If you love and use these companies, we can guarantee that you will love Reozom.

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The Top 3 Technologies Impacting the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is facing major transformation thanks to technology.

But don’t be alarmed, technology is making the industry easier, faster and stronger than ever.

Here are the Top 3 Technologies that are impacting the world of real estate for the better.

Online Transaction Platforms
 We don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but technology like Reozom is completely changing the way real estate is done. Our platform keeps the buyer and the seller connected in the same place throughout the entire transaction.

Reozom makes the (typically stressful) real estate process much easier for everyone involved, including real estate agents. Users can list properties, browse pics, chat with each other, schedule showings and send offers from the luxury of their laptop.

Oh, and all those legal disclosures to sign? That’s done on our platform, too.

Thanks to Reozom’s technology, the buying and selling of a home is more streamlined than ever before. Not to mention, Reozom eliminates expensive commission fees, which saves people thousands of dollars.

Virtual Reality

Real estate is second on the list of industries being transformed by virtual reality. We are guessing that you can imagine why. Pretty soon, people will buy a Google Cardboard, stick their phone in it and take a virtual tour of any home they’re interested in (even if it’s on the other side of the world).

Virtual reality will save time, money and gas. Who would have thought that real estate teaming up with technology would be so eco-friendly?

 To be honest, we’re not expecting drones to do too much for the real estate industry aside from taking stellar bird’s eye property photos and videos.

But drones are awesome and who wouldn’t want one? Taking beyond impressive images of your property is a great excuse to get your hands on the drone of your dreams. The better the property photos the faster the sale, right?

Plus, buying a drone wouldn’t even put a dent in the thousands you save from using Reozom. Just don’t crash it into your new neighbor’s house after you move…

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Selling Real Estate with Social Media

Along with marketing property listings on all of the major sites like the MLS, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, the online real estate transaction platform, Reozom, also posts each listing on Facebook.

When sellers share Reozom’s post onto their own Facebook page, the number of people the listing reaches grows exponentially.

Rather than giving you the facts about Facebook, today we are going to share a real life example of what happens when a Reozom user shares their listing on the most popular social network.

Just a week ago, a Reozom seller shared their listing from Reozom’s Facebook page on the day it was posted. Their family and friends then shared the post, as well.

According to Facebook analytics, by the end of the day, this post had 600 click-throughs (meaning 600 people visited the listing’s page directly from Facebook). According to Reozom’s analytics, this listing had a total of 699 visits that day.

Which means, YOU GOT IT, a majority of that listing’s traffic came from FACEBOOK on its first day of being posted. Not to mention, this property then had a showing the same weekend it was listed.

So get on Facebook and share your listing today. Encourage your family and friends to help out and give it a share, too.

Make sure to include the hashtag #ReozomHome in your post for the opportunity to be selected as the Reozom Home of the Week. If chosen, your listing will be featured in a custom social media post that’s shared on ALL of Reozom’s social media channels!

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A Tech Tool for Real Estate Agents

Reozom is a great online tool for real estate agents. In fact, this past month we had over 187 agents register on our platform.

In less than a year’s time, we’ve had 1,028 agents sign up on Reozom. Our real estate transaction platform offers an online listing process that markets properties on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. Reozom keeps the buyer, seller and agents connected within the same platform throughout the entire real estate transaction.

Here’s why Reozom is a must-use tool for real estate agents:

It’s Easy.
Registering on Reozom only takes a few minutes. Once registered, agents can search for a Reozom listing and instantly schedule a showing appointment with the seller directly on the site. This means no more frustrating phone tag for anyone.

Other platforms can be tough to use and learn. Reozom is intuitive and simple to navigate. It’s as easy as using Facebook.

It’s Quick.
Real estate agents can send messages to sellers or even call them directly. Many Reozom sellers choose to receive instant notifications via email or text, so they can respond to inquiries quickly. Our platform accelerates communication.

It’s Innovative.
Reozom offers streamlined solutions that are unmatched by any other real estate platform out there. Offers are made and negotiated online, making the process faster and less personal. Upon a deal being reached, a Purchase Agreement is automatically generated and ready to send to the mortgage or title rep.

If you’re a real estate agent, try out Reozom today. It’s free and you’ll be glad you made the connect!

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3 Strategies to Sell Your Home Fast

Every home seller has two goals in mind when selling their property: sells it fast and get the best price possible.

As an online real estate transaction platform, Reozom’s technology helps a homeowner have the optimal home selling or buying experience. If you’ve listed with Reozom, you’re already on the fast track to a successful sale.

Here are three other strategies to implement in order to have the fastest and best real estate transaction possible:

  1. Take quality property photos.

The days of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” are over. Most buyers will judge your listing based on your photos. In fact, 87% of buyers find viewing online photos of a home useful* (which in real talk means they use the photos to decide whether or not to see the house in person).

Use either a DSLR camera or the most current model of your preferred smartphone/tablet. Turn on lamps and optimize natural daylight while taking pictures. Clear out the clutter and take photos that show as much of the room’s depth as possible.

Keep your eyes out for Reozom’s “Listing Pic Tips” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Track your listing’s analytics.

When listing with Reozom, you get access to real time analytics of your listing’s activity. Take a look at these reports and notice the trends and patterns. Is there a certain time of day that your home is being viewed online?

If so, be available to chat with buyers during those peak hours so you can respond to requests quicker and answer questions sooner.

  1. Share on social media.

From your Reozom dashboard, you are able to instantly click and share your listing on a variety of social media sites. After you’ve posted your listing on social media, ask your friends and family to share your post, too.

Make sure to use the hashtag #ReozomHome in your Facebook post for the opportunity to be featured in Reozom’s “Home of the Week” social media campaign (which markets your listing in front of hundreds of people).

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*Source: National Association of Realtors: 2016 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report