The truth about real estate, whether you are buying or selling property is the fact that people have to go through a lot of clutter to determine the property which is best suited for them. When selling a property, this could mean the sale process dragging on for longer than anticipated and sometimes, this even leads to spending more on homes that could be worthless. If buying property, this could mean offers falling through and having to wait longer to own a home. MLS systems are quite new to real estate property management, but they hold the promise of making transactions easier for consumers. Here is what is important to know about Flat fee MLS Michigan from Reozom.

How much does it really cost to sell a house?

The cost of selling a house is not as little as many people like to think. First, if hiring a realtor to do it, expect that they will get about 6 percent of the total value of the home in closing costs. What this means is that if the home’s total cost is $600,000, owners should expect that $36,000 will go to the realtor. In addition to this, there will be other closing charges, which could amount to more than 2 percent of the total cost of the property. Finally, is the fact that they may also need to pay the brokers representing the buyer and since 93 percent of people buy through brokers, chances of having to pay one are very high. When homeowners make all these calculations, they realize that in cases where it could be possible, it would be best to get an alternative way to sell property as opposed to getting the realtors, and this is where MLS systems come in.

How do MLS systems such as Reozom work?

An MLS system aggregates all the real estate information that is given to them onto a website that any buyer or seller can visit and asses. As a seller, you register on the site, give information about your property from the price to the size, the specs, location and other essential details. The home is then listed on a platform that can be accessed by thousands of buyers, realtors, and anyone else interested in property. The biggest benefit which comes from the system is obviously visibility. Unlike the single listing with one realtor, the property will be visible to thousands of people that need houses and this increases chances of getting a buyer within a short period. The steps that you follow to list on Reozom therefore include:

  • Visiting the website and calculating the amount that you are likely to save from listing with them. This depends on the cost of the house.
  • Submitting details about the home and a description to accompany them.
  • Paying the flat fee of $395 dollars

When the submission is done, the listing will be posted for you. Buyers will contact you if they go through your listing and like your property and this way, they will schedule a showing. Since most of the real estate property showings and listings are happening online, Reozom has the potential of actually getting you a buyer more easily than a realtor.

What does Reozom bring to the table?

The next question obviously should be what Reozom brings to the table and why sellers need to have them as part of your transactions. Well, first of all, it is important to realize that once they pay the flat listing fee of $395, they will not need to make any other payments to them as the listing agent. Second and most important is the visibility that sellers get. Reozom will not only list the home on their own website, but they will liaise with other sites that are suited for your type of property to give you maximum visibility. They even list property on Zillow for their clients.

The other benefit that homeowners get from listing with Reozom is that being real estate property managers, they have met all the legal standards that are required of them. Therefore, all the transactions that you will be taking part in through them are legal which protects you from losses and other consequences which could arise from using unqualified real estate property managers.

Then, the site is open to everyone, including other agents. This means that if another agent views a homeowner’s listing and thinks that it is an awesome fit for a buyer they have been interacting with, they will link you up with the buyer, which makes the sale process fast, efficient and stress-free. Currently, the site covers Florida and Michigan. These two states have a large enough catchment of potential buyers, which will speed up your sale.

Why you should trust Reozom with your process

There are many reasons to trust Reozom to help you make a home sale. First, when details of the property are entered, the listing appears within 24 hours, unless there are details that need to be clarified in which case support will help the seller iron it out. Second, the site is pretty honest about all costs. There has been a stereotype that sellers never really understand the cost of selling their property until they have to do it. However, Reozom explains the fees that sellers have to pay including the buyer’s broker’s fee and prepares you for any other financial obligations which they will have to make in the process. Therefore, sellers are able to adequately prepare for the financial costs which will be part of the sale. The service is also licensed as a real estate broker, which means all their operations are within the law.

Most of the property related transactions are happening online nowadays. For the property owner or seller, this means the fastest way to sell is to get the broker who will list you everywhere they need to be seen digitally. Costs such as photographers, repairs, showings and closing costs are also quite burdening, and it pays to have a flat fee listing service to ease the financial burden. Visit for the easiest online property listing and sale.

Written by: reozom